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Installing Scripts and Setting up the Photoshop Environment

  Installing Scripts Windows and Mac
  Setting up Photoshop Environment


Group: Convert Images

Type: Convert to 16-bits 10-, 12-, 14- to 16-bits
Indexed "Color" Indexed Color to RGB
Indexed Color Grays to Grayscale
Color to Grayscale Color to Grayscale
Apply to Directory Batch 10-, 12-, 14- to 16-bits
Batch Indexed Color to RGB
Batch Indexed Color Grays to Grayscale
Batch Color to Grayscale
AVI to Z-Projection AVI to Max, Min, Mean, Median, etc.
Multiple Files to Z-Project Multiple Files to Z-Project

Group: DeNoise and Uneven Illumination
Type: DeNoise Remove Outliers
Average Images
Median Filter
Image Size method -25%, or -50%
Surface Blur
Video DeInterlace
Save As Photoshop
Uneven Illumination Bright Center (Vignette)
Uneven Correction: Broad, Narrow, or Custom
Use Saved Flatfield Image
Uneven Correct: DIC, Phase, TEM
Save as Photoshop
Apply to Directory Batch Remove Outliers
Batch Average Images
Batch Median Filter
Batch Image Size method -25%, or -50%
Batch Surface BlurVideo DeInterlace

Batch Bright Center (Vignette)
Batch Uneven Correction: Broad, Batch Narrow, or Custom
Batch Use Saved Flatfield Image
Batch Uneven Correct: DIC, Phase, TEM

Group: Quantization, Visualization, Colocalization
Type: False Colors / False Grays Pseudocolor
Reduce Number of Colors
Reduce Number of Grays
Colocalization Colocalize R+G (Red + Green), etc.
Equalize Equalize
Apply to Directory
Adjust Midtones (Gamma) Adjust Gamma
Apply to Directory
DeColorize to Grayscale

Decolor Blue/Cyan/Violet, etc.

Apply to Directory Batch Decolor: choose color set.
Group: Fluorescence Correct Channels
Type: Correct Green, Red, Blue (Individual Channels)

(1of2) Correct Blue Channel
(2of2) Corect Related "Blue"
(1of2) Correct Green Channel
(2of2) Corect Related "Green"
(1of2) Correct Red Channel
(2of2) Corect Related "Red"

Correct Other Colors (1of2) Correct for Single Channel
(2of2) Correct Related 1 Channel
Colorize Only Colorize Blue, Green, Red, etc.
Apply to Directory Batch Colorize: Blue, Green, Red, Cyan
Group: Fluorescence Merge
Type: Simple Merge (No Correction Steps) Simple Merge: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Channels
Merge, Correct 2 Colors

(1of2) Merge R+G (Red + Green)
(2of2) Normalize Related R+G
(2of2) Apply Related R+G

(1of2) Merge B+G (Blue + Green)
(2of2) Normalize Related B+G
(2of2) Apply Related B+G

(1of2) Merge B+R (Blue + Red)
(2of2) Normalize Related B+R
(2of2) Apply Related B+R

Merge, Correct 3 Colors (1of2) Merge B+G+R (Blue, Green + Red)
(2of2) Normalize Related B+G+R
(2of2) Apply Related B+G+R
Add DIC to Merged Add DIC Channel
Group: All-in-One Correct Color-Tones
Type: All-in-1 Color Correct

(1of2) All-in-One Color Correct
(2of2) Normalize Related Images

Match Color to Image (to Target Image) (1of2) Match Color/Tones
(2of2) Match Color/Tones to Related
(2of2) Match-Sharpen Color/Tones
Apply to Directory Batch Match Color to Target Image
Batch Auto-Correct Related Images
Group: All-in-One Correct Tones (Grayscale)
Type: All-in-1 Correct Tones (1of2) All-in-One Grayscale Correct
(2of2) Normalize Related Images
Match Tones to Target Image (1of2) Match Tones
(2of2) Correct-Sharpen Match Tones
Apply to Directory Batch Auto-Correct Related Images
Batch Match Tones

Group: Scale Bar, Crop, Rotate/Flip

Type: Scale Bar Black Scale Bar
Outline in White
White Scale Bar
Outline in Black

Crop 1 image
(1of3) Crop >1 image
(2of3) Apply Crop to images
(3of3) Apply Crop to images
Crop >1 for Directory

Save as Photoshop

  Rotate/Flip Rotate 180 Degrees
Arbitrary Rotate
Rotate 90 clockwise
Rotate 90 Counter clockwise
Flip Horizontal
Flip Vertical