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               Spyder Express: $99.00     Spyder Elite: $225.00 (with code - see below)

checkmark Calibrate because you are a scientist concerned about image quality
checkmark Calibrate to see all the tones in your images
checkmark Cailbrate to see truer colors
checkmark Calibrate more than one monitor so that workgroups see images similarly
checkmark Calibrate to avoid over-correction and over-enhancement of images
checkmark Calibrate for better judgment of tones/colors when reproducing images
checkmark Calibrate because you calibrate other tools in your lab for precision
  Description: Monitor calibration may not affect the visualization of saturated colors, such as those used in fluorescence imaging, but it will affect tones that may be hidden, leading to over-correction and misinterpretations of brightness and contrast.

Best Practices: Mostly for consistency, one monitor in a workgroup should be calibrated, and the monitor should be in a dark room with no ambient light from windows. The monitor should have a wide viewing angle and a more advanced technology than that used for laptops (TN- Twisted Nematic) for ideal viewing of images. It is especially important for the principal investigator or lab manager to be on a calibrated monitor, because they make the final decisions about image quality.

You Can Set Tones Incorrectly when Tones Can't be Seen
  Darker and Lighter tones may not be visible on your computer screen. Determine if you can see all the following black squares, best done if you follow the links shown to fill your screen with the patches:
  see tones
  Now check to see if you can see all the gray squares within white boxes for all the tones below:
  white tones
Recommended Calibration Tool - Spyder
Spyder Express picture

Spyder Express $99.00 (at B & H Photo, Adorama)

  • Calibrate to Reference Condition
  • Patented 7-Color Sensor
  • Double-Shielded Filters
  • For Desktop/Laptop, iPad & iPhone
  • Works With Multiple Display Technologies
  • Mac/PC Compatible

For calibration of monitors.

calibration tool image

Spyder Elite (at Manufacturer's site): $225.00 with discount (below)

Datacolor, a company devoted to monitor calibration, has provided a 10% discount for those in scientific imaging ONLY for the Spyder Elite Model.

Go to:


Use the Spyder Elite for calibrating monitors, printers, and laptop projectors to create consistent color from acquisition to output. This is for those who need the highest level of color control and flexibility in outputs.

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