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MD Anderson Center, Houston
University of West Virginia
University of Vermont
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Photoshop Instruction Material

This instruction material assumes you have viewed the videos on YouTube. The manual is more extensive, covering more than the material presented on the videos. It also shows how the same steps can be done in Image J and GIMP (a free, post-processing software modeled after Photoshop).

PDF for Photoshop Methods

New material is added from time to time. Please check list to left under Photoshop Instruction Materials for new additions.

Topics covered include:

Photoshop Set Up: Setting up Photoshop, Recording Steps with History Log.

Opening Images: Opening Problem Images (indexed color & 10- 12- 14-bit images in a 16-bit format), , Opening Movies in Photoshop, Opening Series of Images to Layers or Z-Project, Montaging (Photostitching) in Photoshop, Extended Focus in Photoshop

Conversion Steps: Converting Color to Grayscale Color Brightfield, Color to Grayscale Fluorescent Images, Rotate Flip and Straighten, Crop and Cropping More than One Image

Uneven Illumination: Checking for Uneven Illumination, Uneven Illumination Flatfield Correct, Uneven Illumination Correct by Using Image Itself, Uneven Illumination Phase DIC TEM

DeNoising: Reduce Remove Outliers, Reduce Surface Blur, Reduce Image Averaging, Reduce Image Size Method, Remove DeInterlacing (for video), Reduce Color Noise (color fringing)

Color and Tonal Adjustment: Tonal Adjustment Manual Method, Tonal Adjustment Auto Method, Tonal Adjustment for Densitometry (linear histogram shift), Tonal Adjustment Equalize, Tonal Adjustment Gamma, Color Brightfield Tonal Adjustment Manual, Color and Tonal Adjustment Match Color or Tone

Visualization: Pseudocolor, Reduce Number of Tones or Colors, Colorize Fluorescence, Colocalization CoExistence, Merge Fluorescence

To Output: Scale Bars, Set Resolution, Sharpening.


Image Integrity Instruction

You can go through the online short instruction, opt for a more in depth instruction by downloading the pdf.

Note that the instruction follows generally agreed upon practices within the scientific research community, but is NOT a standard set by an oversight agency. The instruction found here is an effort to bridge the gap between generic guides for post-processing and which specific methods can be used. Please send comments to jerry(at)imagingandanalysis(dot)com.


  On-Site Courses

See the typical schedule and topics for Photoshop on-site courses at this link. A course can be designed to fit your needs. Courses have been given on microscopy, small object lighting, quantitation techniques, and methods in Photoshop.