picture of jerry sedgewick

Imaging and Analysis was founded in 1999 by Jerry (Gerald) Sedgewick. At the time Jerry was the Program Director of one of the largest microscope labs in the country at the University of Minnesota. His contract position allowed him to work independently on projects, the first of which involved quantifying embolic particles on an embolic protection catheter device acquired by Johnson and Johnson. During that time Jerry built a multi-photon from scratch, modified a confocal for second harmonics, created a lighting device to virtually eliminate bleaching in cells (also ideal for in vivo imaging), modified microscopes to improve performance, wrote two books on digital imaging in the sciences, and gave numerous talks and workshops nationally and internationally (click this link for Jerry’s CV).

Since then Jerry has been involved in every aspect of product development both on his own and as a consultant. These areas include regulatory writing, authorship, engineering, marketing, software development, and business.

Other Colleagues:

Marna Erikson, PhD. Study Director and Experimental Design.
Marna studies skin and tick-borne pathogens with an emphasis on Bartonella. Past work includes alopecia and hair studies. Marna’s extraordinary imaging work led to several awards.

Azar Maluki, M.D. Dermatologist
Azar diagnoses skin conditions and acts as a consultant for Imaging and Analysis on skin related projects.

Paul Marker, Lab Director & Histologist
Paul has over 30 years experience in the lab, working as a histologist, flow cytometry core director and senior scientist.

Saint Paul, MN USA