Visualization: Merge Fluorescence Confocal Images

How to merge more than one fluorescent image in Photoshop for figures, plates for microscope images often from a confocal. Image J video shows beginning to end methods for confocal images and it is the preferred program.

How to merge images in GIMP

Similar as in video, except that Paste commands are, instead, Edit > Paste As > New Layer.

How to merge images in Image J

  1. Under Edit > Options > Appearance choose correct bit depth to match image (bit depth can be found under Image > Show Info).
  2. Open each image or stack one by one.
  3. Image > Color > Merge Channels. Enter file name for each channel. Note that colors will show up according to the LUT you used (so Cyan will replace Blue if Cyan was chosen as the Look Up Table).

See the Instruction Page for an index of all instructional videos and documents
See Image Ethics for image integrity information on how to avoid scientific misconduct

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