Opening in Photoshop for Montaging Photostitching Microscope images

How to photostitch images in Photoshop, known as montaging among those who use microscopes in the sciences and as a Panorama. This is a means to put together several fields from a microscope at high magnification from multiple images into a single image.

How to Make a Panorama in GIMP

Download a plugin called Pandora and install. Search web for directions by using search terms “Panorama” and “GIMP.”

How to Make a Montage (Panorama, Photostitched Image) in Image J

  1. Begin with no images open
  2. File > Import > Image Sequence
  3. Plug-Ins > Stitching > deprecated > Stitch Directory with Images (unknown configuration).
    Select the directory; images must be same size and numbered left to right, then down (001_, 002_, etc.).
    Give the image an output file name, and start
  4. Edit > Options > Appearance: choose bit depth to match images.

*Several other plugins are available in ImageJ for stitching. Iteratively choose one that works for you. You may have difficulties with fluorescent and darkfield images.

See the Instruction Page for an index of all instructional videos and documents
See Image Ethics for image integrity information on how to avoid scientific misconduct

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