Noise Reduce: Image Averaging Microscope Images

How to reduce noise from a series of microscope images with random noise by averaging. Also referred to as Kalman averaging. Best to use Image J for this method, or use image statistics in Photoshop: Open > Scripts > Statistics (in Statistics box choose Median and use Browse to find images).

Note that Frame Averaging can be as effective as a cooled camera. If noise is random and more than one picture is taken and then averaged in post-processing, the method will provide similar image results.

How to Reduce Noise Using Frame Averaging in GIMP

Same steps as in video, except that Layer > Flatten Image is replaced by Layer > Merge Down (for as many layers as necessary).

How to Reduce Noise Using Frame Averaging in ImageJ

  1. Import > Image Sequence to open all images for frame averaging. Images should occupy a folder.
    Choose the top image only.
  2. Image J will create a stack. Under Image > Stack, choose Z-project and Average Intensity.

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See Image Ethics for image integrity information on how to avoid scientific misconduct

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