Microscope Images: Crop and Cropping More Than One Image

How to crop in Photoshop for scientists on microscopes or who take images of gels, blots, films, phosphor screens, etc. Note that Cropping does NOT affect intrinsic resolution no matter how hard emphatically the person who believes they are right insists. Also note that more recent versions of Photoshop retain the entire image in the event you change your mind down the road.

How to Crop in GIMP

  1. Drag guidelines in to place to create a rectangle around desired part of image.
  2. Select the Marquee tool from the tool bar and click+drag to make a selection along the
  3. Under Image > Crop (Crop to Selection in Gimp).
    …or use crop tool.
    Note that guidelines can be magnetized to borders. To turn of magnetism, under View,
    uncheck (toggle off) Snap to Guides.

How to Crop in Image J

  1. Draw selection with box tool located in the menu.
  2. Image > Crop

See the Instruction Page for an index of all instructional videos and documents
See Image Ethics for image integrity information on how to avoid scientific misconduct

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