Imaging and Analysis in Microscopy...Tools and Consulting by Imaging Expert Gerald (Jerry) Sedgewick

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Image Forensics Scientific Misconduct


scientific misconduct and image forensics

Jerry Sedgewick provides image analysis for image integrity investigations. He can detect misleading and inauthentic images with proprietary methods, along with those recommended at the Office of Research Integrity (ORI). Jerry has looked at thousands of images, and has experience with electrophoretic samples (gels, blots, etc), confocal images, fluorescent samples, brightfield images and other scientific/microscope images. He can often find image information and metadata from scant source material.

Here is kudos from a major university:

"I'd like to thank you for all your help and for doing the analysis at short notice -- we could not have completed this inquiry without your input. I have told our Research Integrity Officer that you are the first person we must consult if we need to investigate issues with digital imaging and the future."

Contact Jerry: jerry (at) imagingandanalysis (dot) com.


Imaging Consultant

Imaging Workflow Diagram

Jerry Sedgewick provides a range of services for instituting image integrity, consistency, efficiency, and quantitation-ready images. He can solve imaging problems others can't because he has deep knowledge in the entire imaging workflow, and not just one part of it. That includes:

checkmark Lighting of samples
checkmark Acquisition with Camera | Imaging equipment (micro, macro, fluorescent, brightfield, difficult to image materials)
checkmark Post-Processing
checkmark Quantitation (image analysis | stereology)
checkmark Data presentation

His services have assisted companies (see below) in development and marketing of imaging products, improved consistent imaging for identical contrast and color from several imaging stations, solved imaging problems due to glare and reflective surfaces, provided quantitative data from computer aided image analysis for companies that have subsequently received FDA approval, and led to dozens of novel quantitative methods for images from several disciplines (ophthamology, nueroscience, materials science, biology, dermatology, etc.).

MORE: consulting.html          Contact Jerry: jerry (at) imagingandanalysis (dot) com.

Training & Instruction


classroom picture at MD Anderson

Jerry trains onsite in the proper use of Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, GIMP, Image J, Image Pro Premiere and in Image Integrity. Training also for quantitation (image analysis, computer aided measurement, computer vision). Prevent future problems with scientific misconduct by properly training staff, students, and principle investigators.  

Contact Jerry: jerry (at) imagingandanalysis (dot) com.

For microscope and confocal education and training go to

An online course on image integrity is at this site. See YouTube for videos on Photoshop methods by typing in Photoshop for Science and Microscopy or this link:

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Photoshop Add-Ons


auto-figure animation

Get add-ons as scripts and plugins for Photoshop. You can download the following. These are no longer free.

checkmark Auto Figure (Auto-Layout): for laying out figures FAST!
checkmark Image Integrity: for ensuring that you record what you are doing in Photoshop.
checkmark Auto Grayscale: Over 100 methods for imaging in Photoshop.
checkmark Auto Fluorescence: Over 150 methods for imaging in Photoshop, including merging, pseudocolor, colorizing, etc.
checkmark Auto Color Brightfield: Over 100 methods for managing color (note: ChromaCal is MUCH faster: see advertisement to right).

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Jerry Sedgewick will be giving a webinar: "Best Practices for Post-Processing of Scientific Images:
Photoshop and ImageJ are NOT the answer" Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 1:00-1:30PM EST. Joinus!
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